The Southern Legends Association Foundation operates The Southern Legends Entertainment & Performing Arts Hall of Fame. One of our goals is the preservation of Southern Originating Music and it’s Heritage. We honor artists born in the south who helped create and pioneer southern originating music in the 40’s and 50’s. Many of these artist have never been recognized for the music they helped create. We pay tribute to these artists for their contributions to this great music that was created in the south.

We also educate school age students about this cultural American music so they will understand and appreciate the music started in the south  that went around the world and changed the way the entire world listens to music forever. We honor the artists, session musicians, sidemen, engineers, promoters, producers and writers of this great music.

At our induction ceremonies we have the chance to educate all ages, young and old. We have recorded history on audio and video with many of the inductees performing and talking about how the music changed America and the world.

We plan to take our music history into the classroom at the elementary, middle school, high school and college level.  We will have artists, musicians, engineers and producers giving history lessons about the music, documenting and archiving those who were there when the music was being recorded.

The recordings of artist who became famous owe a big debt to those musicians who backed them in the studio. The creativity behind the songs are as strong as the vocals and music them selves and cannot be separated.  The engineer who got it down on tape correctly, the producer who brought in the musicians to play the correct melody are all a vital part of the mix that created musical history.  We know a tremendous amount of credit must be given to all of these musical pioneers.

However, many times the stories behind the music never got documented. The Southern Legends Association Foundation will bring these disparate stories to the public so equal credit can be shared by everyone involved in the recording of many famous songs.

Hundreds of regionally popular hit songs got played over the radio but did not become hits outside their particular region.  But to the fans in those regions, these recordings and artists were as famous to them as were the nation wide or world wide recording artists such as Elvis Presley or Chuck Berry. We honor those regional artists because they added their own brand of musical history in their own creative niches and they are as important as the performing giants who became known world wide.

The Southern Legends Entertainment and Performing Arts Hall of Fame Southern Legends Association Foundation was founded by Widmarc Clark and Mark Cavaliero on Nov 20th, 2004 in New London, NC.

The Original Royal Charter Founding Members
Widmarc Clark
Mark Cavaliero
Jimmy Case
H.T. “Hank” Henry

The Southern Legends Association Founding Membership
Dale Hawkins
Matt & Barbara Lucas
John Rhys
Gene Summers
Lamar Morris
Vernon & Brenda Taylor
Janie Noelte
Joe & Doris Bennett

Director / President / CEO
Widmarc Clark

The Association is headquartered in Raleigh, NC.