Born: Oklahoma

Biography:: Dale Wehba became a Disc Jockey in the early 50’s playing Rock n Roll. Dale could hear a recording and knew if it would become a hit. Dale was a true innovator of the new music called Rock n Roll and his understanding of it made him a big hit everywhere he worked. Each time Dale became the program and music directorfor a RADIO STATION, that station would became Number One in the ARB ratings.

Dale became a top radio personality at the biggest radio stations in Oklahoma City, KOCY, KOMA and WKY. His successtook him to Detroit where he became a No. 1 Personality for many years. Moving to Boston, he quickly became the No. 1 personality in the Boston area also. Dale’s knowledge of an artist and the public’s reaction to that artist song’s made Dale very successful in the music business.

Being able to break an unknown artist to the public with the before hand knowledge the public will accept that artist’s music is a rare quality. Dale Wehba has always understood the true relationship of radio and music.
Current Status: Dale lives in Edmond, OK and remains active in the music industry.
Inducted: September 11, 2007 at the First Annual Inductions Awards Ceremony in Oklahoma, City, OK.