Bob Akers

Born: Fayettville, N.C.
Biography: Began his driving career with Overnite Transportation Co in the early 60’s. Bob could handle a truck better than anyone when he was growing up in Fayettville. He worked for many different trucking companies while attending High School. Bob could back a tractor and trailer into spots that seemed impossible for most drivers. He could also back to a dock leaving only two or three inches between the dock
and the trailer and do it time after time plus backing into docks on the blind side between trailers without putting a scratch on either trailer.

Bob drove for thousands of miles without an accident out on the road or in the city. That’s quite an accomplishment especially when those thousands of accident free miles became millions of miles accident free. Bob has driven in every major city in America handing the freeways and city streets to make deliveries to unknown destinations with the least amount of problems backing his rig into spots that would not accommodate a Volkswagen .

Bob transferred to Oklahoma City in 1979 and entered his first Truck Rodeo. He was soon winning time after time. In 2000 Bob was the Oklahoma driver of the year to add to his National Truck Rodeo Championships and his five Oklahoma State titles and another trip to compete in the national truck rodeo where he took the winners trophy in the twins division.

Bob Akers is one the nations most celebrated professional truck drivers with more than 4 million miles of accident free driving to his credit. The American Trucking Association ( ATA ) presented Akers with it’s Professional Excellence Award, the industry’s highest honor. Akers is a 39 year Overnite veteran ( UPS Freight ).
Current Status: Bob is retired and lives in Oklahoma City.
Inducted: September 11, 2007 at the First Annual Inductions Awards Ceremony in Oklahoma, City, OK. The former ATA American Road Team Captain and Overnite All-Star Road Team Captain is the only non- music industry inductee to be honored.