General Motors begin building the 4103 in 1950. It was the go between ( bus ) after the 3751 till the ultra modern 4104, could reach production. In 1958 the 4104 came on line known as the highway, Traveler. More on the 4104 in a later article.The 4103 was a hit with the drivers the moment it came on line, over a thousand were built. The biggest operators were Greyhound and Trailways. The 4103 was a beautiful coach, the front, the sides, and the back were designed, with grace and good looks. It was easy to work on, had very good pick up and go. It did not drink a lot of diesel, which both bus companies liked.

Other bus companies operated the 4103. The demand by Greyhound, and Trailways on the coach, keep most companies from being able to buy the 4103. The coach could hold 43 passengers, plus baggage, and parcels. The
parcels were a big part of revenue for both companies. The 4103 kept working well into, the 70’s. Many smaller companies bought the 4103, after Greyhound, and Trailways no longer needed them.Tennessee Coach Lines company, in Knoxville, TN, bought a lot of 4103’s and operated them, a long time after Trailways bought the company.

Today the 4103 is long gone, if you never saw one traveling across the USA in it’s heyday, you missed a beautiful sight. The bus museum in Hersey, Pa, has a 4103, Greyhound on display, it looks like it just rolled off the assembly line in Pontiac, Michigan.The 4103 was made from 1950 to 1953.

Happy motoring and truckin, stay on the road.

Widmarc Clark