Harwood Cochrane, has to be the ( Greatest ) trucking owner of all time. He owned Overnite Trans Co, in Richmond, Va. He founded Overnite in 1935, in Richmond, Va. He slept in the cab of his truck, to prevent the teamsters from destroying his truck. He fought the teamsters for years preventing them from taking his company over, plus the fact, in order to get the product delivered on time sleeping in the truck, was the only way to stay in business. As hard as the teamsters did try, down through the years, to get Overnite into the teamsters union, the teamsters, never got Overnite in it’s union. Harwood Cochrane was a ” Great Supporter” of his employees. He sold company stock to them, when the company was sold to Union Pacific, railroad, many employees became rich. Cochrane has had many good things happen to him throughout his trucking career, one of his favorites however, is a check written to him for $ 359.000 in 1963, signed by Jimmy Hoffa, a judgement against the teamsters in favor of Overnite Trans Co. He stayed on as chairman of the board, after the sale of Overnite to Union Pacific for four years, till 1990. After the sale of Overnite to Union Pacific, Cochrane was a millionaire many times over. He kept working, and started up his own company again, at age 78, named Highway Express. In 2003 he sold that company to Celedon Transport Co,There will never be another Harwood Cochrane, his contribution to the trucking industry has no equal. He set the ( Bar ) that is the envy of the entire trucking industry. Harwood Cochrane is in the the Trucking Hall of Fame, he is a true Southern Legend. As long as truck wheels roll, Harwood Cochrane will remain, the Greatest Trucking Legend of them all. On July 25th 2016, Harwood Cochrane, made his final run, he went off duty, at 103. 

Widmarc Clark